When you improve people's jobs, you improve their lives.

That’s but one component of Hexagon PPM’s push to empower front-line employees with a dynamic Connected Worker strategy. Allowing labor to be connected in the field just as they are in real life gives them the ability to do their jobs with greater ease and satisfaction.

It also boosts compliance and creates greater efficiency, which save time and money for the company.

Don’t leave your workers isolated on an island with no real-time connection to data or the back office.

Connectivity can awaken super powers for workers in the process industry:

  • High-powered vision into the challenges they’ll face from shift to shift
  • Incisive ability to locate assets, materials, tools and coworkers during maintenance projects
  • Real-time visibility to prompt an inexperienced technician with remote mentoring for best practices in the field
  • Robust data collection abilities that replace paper data reliance during inspection
  • Amplified collaboration capacity that decreases response time and increases wrench time during maintenance and operations

Don’t leave your employees feeling stranded during their shift. Explore the Connected Worker strategy that provides a consolidated view to link your front-line workers to the information systems at the plant today, without storing or duplicating the data.

Enable your Connected Workers to efficiently carry out routine processes, improve operator productivity and reduce costs.

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