Senior executives, project managers and cost controllers face challenges in delivering successful projects on-time and on-budget as complexity increases. Processes struggle to keep pace with the rate of change in the industry. This is leading to a significant amount of last-minute surprises in projects across a range of industries, while poor process and integrations with technology means senior managers are receiving reports that are usually five weeks out-of-date – minimum. 
The status quo cannot continue. Project management offices that refuse to evolve will start vanishing as executives look for more strategic, digitally-enabled solutions to their problems. 

The 2019 State of Project Controls Report dives into these problems and calls on leading industry experts to offer their advice on how to tackle these major challenges, including align projects more closely with senior management and fostering more collaborative commercial contracts.


  • Find out why more than 40% of project teams experience last minute surprises;
  • Discover why poor collaboration and data-flow is killing projects before they start;
  • Learn how most project reports increase failure risk.



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