The latest release of Intergraph Smart® Construction “SPC 2019” is here. New features and performance improvements are a part of SPC 2019.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • Constraints Management in Smart Construction
    • We’re moving from a package-centric constraint identification to component-centric. You’re able to track single constraints against multiple components.
    • New roles are setup for constraints admins to access constraint information via the SPF web client.
    • See it in action
  • Improved Reporting
    • Seamless transition to new platform
    • Flat Tables
    • Easily enable the use of report tools like Power BI
  • PPM Documentation Modernization
    • The site represents a documentation digital transformation for PPM. It’s responsive, supporting various screen sizes, devices and browsers. And we can deliver frequent updates to content as needed. docs.hexagonppm.com
  • Smart Construction Onsite
    • Enhanced performance and capabilities!
  • Releasing with the latest Information Management release
    • Current with SmartPlant® Foundation 2019 and SPF Web Client
    • Performance improvements to the Information Management 2019 release
  • Available on Intergraph Smart Licensing

About the Presenter

Scott Oskins   

    Scott Oskins
    Director and Product Owner, Intergraph Smart® Construction




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