Ineffective project practices could be costing you millions.

Complete a 10-minute project performance maturity assessment, based on PMI’s OPM3 framework, to understand how effective your organisation is at managing project performance. Once completed you’ll receive an in-depth report tailored to your organisation's maturity levels in three key areas: process, human capital, and technology. Discover how to better deliver projects - on time and budget.

Get your project performance maturity assessment score
Approximately 10-15 minutes
Get your project performance maturity assessment score

Step One

Complete the assessment based on PMI's OPM3 model

Step Two

Get an immediate score out of 100

Step Three

Receive a custom report within 3 working days

Step Four

Take a call with one of our project performance experts to uncover your path to best practices

Why do I need a project performance maturity assessment?

Project performance continues to operate under dire circumstances. The Portland Business Journal reported that 80 percent of enterprise projects fail*, while a McKinsey study revealed that 45 percent are running over budget and delivering 56 percent less value than the original scope**. Most of these ill-effects are caused by immature or outdated practices.
Understanding the scope of your problems and the specific
(and fixable) pain points related to those problems is the first step realigning your organisation toward best practice project performance.
"I used the project performance maturity assessment tool to understand how closely aligned our PMO was with industry best-practice. It gave me the necessary insights to identify gaps in our project delivery capability, and the Assessment report enabled me to create a road map for reaching the next level of maturity. This included recommendations to up-skill staff, move to portfolio management and a proposal for the best tools on the market appropriate for our level of maturity.
Senior Project Controls & Engineering Professional (Energy Industry)
Approximately 10-15 minutes
80% of enterprise projects fail.
45% are running over budget.
Projects are delivering 56% less value than the original scope.

Who is this for?

This tool allows project and portfolio directors to give key business stakeholders, including executives, end-users, contractors and IT, and it will provide an overview of the project management challenges inside the business.
Approximately 10-15 minutes

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Find out your maturity score

Approximately 10-15 minutes