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Leveraging Data Intelligence to Predict Project Outcomes

Improve Margins with Predictability on Your Project!

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This session will dive into how FTI's Data Intelligence Group is organizing data by integrating EcoSys while applying statistical models to develop new insights into their data. This arms decision-makers with quantitative data, predictive models and easy visualizations and reports to focus on key issues that truly impact outcomes on projects.

In this webinar, we'll be covering all the key questions, including:

  • Does the duration of a project affect the likelihood of cost overrun?
  • How likely is a project to hit its Class III Estimate target?
  • How do RFIs impact productivity?
  • How likely is each project in a portfolio to hit its forecasted spend (or revenue) for next month?
  • What is the likely impact to margins for a given Change Order?
  • What PM / CM combination produces the best project outcomes?

For generations, we have been trained to put data into systems to feed rearward-looking reports that show what happened. By adding EcoSys into the mix, we have added standardized processes and a centralized platform that automates the production of reports, dashboards and many types of workflows, allowing us to produce actionable data.

We literally have a database of historical and current project, portfolio and contract data that has so much more to tell us!

What do you want to be known as?

Somebody who delivers projects effectively, on-time and on-budget, or somebody who habitually is late and over budget by more than 20%"

About EcoSys

Part of the Hexagon PPM portfolio of products, EcoSys is the Enterprise Project Performance software platform that helps project-driven organizations align and manage organizational strategy and project/contract execution. By increasing visibility into performance and predictability across the full life cycle of projects and portfolios, EcoSys helps you identify what drives project and organizational success, and take proactive measures to maximize returns and margins. To find out more visit EcoSys.net.

About the

Garrett Fultz

Managing Director, Asset Lifecycle Management
FTI Consulting

Garrett Fultz leads a team focused on digital transformation and analytics across maintenance, capital projects and operations. He provides leadership and expertise in many areas including portfolio management, project management and controls, scope management and planning for turnarounds, digital strategy, and technology selection, implementation and adoption. Mr. Fultz also provides professional services related to business process improvement, organizational design and technology enablement to help clients work safer, improve efficiency, mitigate risk, and provide more predictable outcomes.

Mr. Fultz has 19 years of experience – more than 10 of which have been specifically focused on transforming the way organizations select, plan, manage, build, commission, maintain, operate, and decommission their assets. 

Mark White

Senior VP, Enterprise Project Performance
Hexagon PPM

With almost 30 years’ experience in quantity surveying, project management and controls, and technology innovation, Mark White enjoys helping companies develop strategies to achieve the ultimate goals of highly efficient predictability and control for projects portfolios. 

Mark is currently the Senior Vice President with global responsibility for EcoSys product strategy at Hexagon PPM, and has been successful in helping organizations improve Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) through EcoSys. Previously, Mark was VP of Strategic Accounts at EcoSys and CIO/SVP at Faithful+Gould, a world-leading project management and controls consultancy, having founded their IT Consulting business unit and project controls software.

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