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Too many organisations are stubborn about their processes and waiting for a return on investment metric on digital transformation that will never come, says Deepwater Subsea founder & CEO Michael Fry. Fry, who was supporting the Deepwater Horizon rig during the blowout, reveals his step-by-step digitisation process as a rallying cry to the O&G industry to stop navel-gazing and start changing - lest Macondo happens all over again... 

At approximately 9:45 a.m. on April 20, 2010, a bubble of methane gas escaped from the Deepwater Horizon well and shot up the drill column, expanding quickly as it burst through several seals and barriers before exploding. This catastrophic failure cost British Petroleum an estimated $61.6 billion – but more importantly, 11 lives were lost, and many workers injured.

Michael Fry was a subsea superintendent with well operator Transocean when the tragedy occurred. He was roused from his sleep by a 10 p.m. phone call with a vague request for documents and not fully aware of what had just occurred.

Today, Fry leads a company, Deepwater Subsea, focused on real-time monitoring and operational excellence that aims to end the preventable errors that cause incidents like the Macondo Blowout through digital transformation and operational excellence. He combines his 10 years' experience in the U.S. Navy aboard nuclear submarines and more than 20 years' experience in subsea operations to create the oil and gas segment’s premier subsea operational excellence consultancy.

This podcast will highlight the reason why a damaged blowout preventer (BOP) goes unnoticed – bad process and human error – and how organisations can mitigate this risk.

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Michael Fry

President & CEO, Deepwater Subsea LLC

After a 10-year career in the US Navy on Nuclear Submarines Michael Fry started as a Subsea Trainee for R&B Falcon and the rest is history. Now he owns the industry’s premier Subsea Operational Excellence company, Deepwater Subsea LLC. They hustle 247 / 365 to help their customers achieve their goals.

Andrew Storrier

Marketing Content Lead APAC, Hexagon PPM

Andrew Storrier has nearly 10 years' experience as a journalist and content marketer.

He focuses on helping his audience understand and agitate the problems they face in their industry, while drawing on expert knowledge to find simpler solutions to these complex issues.

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