Why You Should Give Workers What They Need to Do Their Jobs


Not having the right tools in hand when doing tasks around the house can turn a simple chore into lengthy, frustrating drudgery.

That slot head screw will never, ever be rotated by a phillips head screwdriver! If only you had the right tool … in your hand … exactly when you need it.

On a much larger scale, the interior of a process plant creates the same scenario, but there’s so much more at stake. When workers don’t have what they need – including up-to-date knowledge on plant processes – big dollars and deadlines are at risk.

And yes, knowledge is a tool – perhaps the most important tool – that must be accessible at all times. Mobile connectivity is a must-have for front line workers to maintain readiness for operations and maintenance. That’s what keeps industrial assets up and running.

Download our article, “The Costly Effects of the Ill-Equipped Worker … and Pit Crew,” to discover how investing in your employees’ connectivity is just as important to your plant’s efficiency as investing in the most modern equipment.

We even created a racecar analogy to help draw the correlation. Because nobody likes unplanned downtime … or an ill-prepared pit crew!

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