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Structural Design in the Plant Industry - Getting it Right From the Start

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Structural engineering, design and detailing are an integral part of the complete plant design process. Designing for equipment, pipes and walkways ensure the safety of your personnel and project assets.

To accomplish these goals the design needs to be done in the context of the overall plant process. In this webinar, Burns & McDonnell, Hexagon PPM and SDS/2 Connect will present their structural solution as an integral part to that design.

Member connections are automated so they can be completed early to avoid late changes if conflicts arise from other disciplines, such as piping or HVAC. In addition, the solution will optimize connections to reduce bolt numbers and plate welding as well as check for constructability and erectability. This offers the benefits of productivity and schedule impact.

Connections are validated against specified design codes while ensuring correct and auditable construction that can be fed directly to the fabricators avoiding any re-entering of data.

In this hour-long webinar, Kari Wrampe of Burns & McDonnell will highlight how Intergraph Smart 3D and SDS/2 Connect enabled them with integration, schedule savings, construction and the evaluation of projects.

This webinar will highlight how engineers can build more intelligent models, gain real time information and create design consistency across the entire workflow.

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About the

Kari Wrampe

Associate Application Engineer, Burns & McDonnell

Kari Wrampe is an Associate Application Engineer at Burns & McDonnell with more than 15 years of Intergraph software experience. As the Smart 3D Product Owner, she supports all projects utilizing the SmartPlant Enterprise suite. Most recently, she managed the SDS/2 Connect for Smart 3D implementation.

Frank Joop

Executive Director of Market Development & Sales Enablement, Hexagon PPM

Frank Joop is the Executive Director of Market Development and Sales Enablement at Hexagon PPM. He is responsible for composing solutions that drive business value for the customer base. This includes creating strategic alliances that complement the PPM solutions. Frank joined Hexagon in 1990 & relocated from Amsterdam in 1994 to drive the next generation of engineering & design solutions at the Hexagon headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama.

Doug Evans

VP of North American Sales, SDS/2

Doug Evans is VP of North American Sales at SDS/2. Doug’s experience with numerous industries has made him an expert when it comes to best practice and new trending workflows that can shorten project timelines improve the construction process.

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Join us to experience how structural design is done right from the start.

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