On-Demand Webinar: Streamlining Drawing Production Using OrthoGen

Recorded Date: Thursday, March 5, 2020


OrthoGen, the industry standard program used to generate orthographic drawings for large and mega-sized projects executed in CADWorx®. Combined with ISOGEN, Hexagon’s OrthoGen for CADWorx provides complete drawing automation for the production of all project drawing deliverables.

Watch this webinar and learn how to customize orthographic drawings, create orthographic drawings with Base Views, Projected Views, Section Views and Detail Views. During this webinar you will discover the new capabilities available in OrthoGen for CADWorx, including:

• Editing the Line Number

• Labeling CADWorx Custom Data

• Labeling CADWorx XData from Isogen Dialog

• Using ORTHOGENTYPE custom data field

• Creating Equipment Control Points

• Labeling Drawings using Ordinate Dimensions


And more!

Meet the Presenter



     Product Owner, OrthoGen for CADWorx - 3DS Net                     



Marcus Holmes is the product owner for OrthoGen for CADWorx. He joined 3DS Net, Inc. in 2001 for GUI development and QA/QC. As the liaison between the development team and customers, Marcus collaborates closely with both groups to ensure there is a clear understanding of what benefits use users of OrthoGen for CADWorx. Marcus has many years of providing technical support, product testing, training & presentations and product migration.

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