Leveraging the Engineering Design Basis Across the Plant Lifecycle

Hexagon PPM’s SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) solution uniquely enables owner operators (O/Os) to manage the technical complexity of the virtual plant asset and associated work processes in one place, during all phases of the lifecycle.

With SPO, O/Os can significantly lower capital expenditures (CAPEX), achieve production startup earlier, lower operating expenditures (OPEX), reduce revenue loss due to unplanned outages, minimize health and safety risks, and ensure demonstrable compliance with laws and regulations.

Owner operators can greatly benefit from interoperability between the dynamic engineering design basis and other information systems in the context of critical work processes across a plant’s lifecycle. SPO provides preconfigured work processes and out-of-the-box integrations with operations systems to provide major efficiency and information consistency improvements across the owner operator system landscape. SPO manages Process Safety Information, providing a platform to support Process Safety and Asset Integrity Management initiatives. Comprehensive solutions for data validation and handover reduce the time and costs of data take-on and ensure the quality and completeness of data handover. The solutions support both the incremental and final handover of information and documentation between contractors, and from contractors to the O/O.

SPO’s modularized template solutions allow for highly flexible implementation strategies. The user can begin with a fast-initial implementation and incrementally extend the implementation with new work processes and capabilities as required.

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