Gaining Control of Your Construction Projects With Intergraph Smart Construction

Recorded Date: July 22, 2021


Learn about the latest release of Intergraph Smart® Construction.

Learn more about Hexagon’s PPM division’s leading construction projects solution, Intergraph Smart Construction.

In the fast pace of construction projects, one thing is almost certain: no project is executed without incurring both expected and unexpected issues and/or changes. However, with proper planning, many of these issues can be mitigated before they occur. By opposition, inadequate planning results in projects and costs spiraling out of control as issues overwhelm personnel and their ability to make proper decisions.  

Adopting a more proactive stance in regard to managing projects is essential for success. This session will cover the latest advancements in Hexagon’s Intergraph Smart Construction and how they are assisting users in gaining more control of their projects by bringing all relevant information to their fingertips, empowering to both adequately plan and make informed decisions.

A few of the enhancements to be covered are:

  • New 2D & 3D View Control
  • Dedicated tables for BI reporting
  • Improved interface with Intergraph Smart® Materials
  • New Integration with Intergraph Smart® Completions

View this webinar to learn more about Smart Construction’s key functionality, new features and a growing list of benefits. Gain control of your construction projects today.

Meet the Presenter


     Scott Oskins
     Senior Industry Consultant, Hexagon



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