Improving Asset Value Through Laser Scanning

Many companies use laser scanning to efficiently and accurately, capture brownfield project data. The laser scan, in the form of a point cloud is then used within Intergraph Smart® 3D to:

  • Get accurate tie-in locations.
  • Avoid clashes with existing items when creating new plant designs.
  • Enable the 3D designer to visualise space requirements.
  • Build accurate 3D models where none exist.

Intergraph supplies an ‘add-on’ to Intergraph Smart 3D called CloudWorx which will read the laser scan point cloud and display it to the designer in the 3D environment. CloudWorx also contains tools for point cloud visualisation, automated pipe routing, server based interference checking and modelling with the point clouds as reference. CloudWorx allows designers to work with large datasets by using either the robust Leica Cyclone or high-performance Leica JetStream point cloud engines.

Originally supplied by Leica Geosystems, for Smart 3D 2011, CloudWorx is now developed, supplied, licensed and supported by Intergraph®. It has been updated through the 2014, V2014R1 and now 2016 versions of Smart 3D. This document describes the latest changes in V2016, the existing and new workflows and the benefits these changes make to your business.

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