On-Demand Webinar: ECM vs ALIM: Clearing up the Confusion

Recorded Date: Thursday, May 10, 2018

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) systems are specialized systems that play integral roles in managing information for the “Digital Twin”. Yet, confusion remains on how these systems are unique, what their purposes are, and how they work together in the information ecosystem. Maintaining the complete, accurate, consistent, and timely information for the facility as a Digital Twin improves safety, lowers costs, and improves decisions. ECM systems are widely used to manage documents; however, they can’t support the detailed, dynamic design and operational data required for the digital transformation of a facility. Meanwhile, ALIM systems are specialized for this purpose but they aren’t designed to manage records for other business needs. Join this webinar to hear industry experts Andy Gregg and Mike Montgomery explore the differences and complementary nature of ECM and ALIM and how, where appropriate, these systems can be integrated to enable cross-application work process support.


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