CADWorx Structure Webinar: Area Objects, Clashes and Openings

Recorded on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Area objects such as walls, slabs, grating, decking are a major part of every project. Watch this webinar and see the inner workings of essential 3D model components and how they work seamlessly with all disciplines to avoid clashes and report material quantities.

Discover the properties that drive how the area objects are created and how each behaves to represent your project accurately during this demonstration.

Meet the Presenter

Ryan Chiasson   


     Aimee Ferguson
    Technical Director, Hexagon PPM   



Aimee Ferguson, P.E., is the Technical Director at Hexagon PPM. She joined the company in 2008 after a career in Construction Field Engineering. Her background in structural engineering and construction with a large EPC has been leveraged in the development of several Hexagon products, including CADWorx and Smart 3D. Aimee has added agile software development skills to her technical experience and joined the CADWorx team in 2016 in the product owner role to assist in launching and further developing this product. She is a registered Professional Engineer in Kentucky and Alabama.

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