On-Demand: Analysis of Structures with Base Isolators Using GT STRUDL

Recorded Date: March 26, 2020

Sometimes structures need to be designed to sustain extraordinary forces due to wind and seismic activity. Some older structures were not built to handle these loads based on the newer building design codes.

One of the techniques to make sure a structure can withstand these loads is to use base isolation which is basically separating the structure from the base which could be a concrete foundation or a substructure. This type of design requires modern robust tools like GT STRUDL to perform analysis using base isolators as the support condition.

This presentation will focus on how engineers can utilize GT STRUDL to do a proper analysis of structures with base isolators.


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Meet the Presenter




     Ravi Ozarker, P.E., P. Eng
     GT STRUDL Product Owner - Hexagon PPM                      


Ravi Ozarker is currently the GT STRUDL Product Owner for Hexagon PPM. As a structural engineer and engineering software developer for the past 14 years, Ravi has worked for a variety of organizations in different roles, including consulting engineering, government agencies, software companies, EPCs, and more. Ravi has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas and Ontario.

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